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Braindumping org-roam notes

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NOTE: This has culminated in the My org-roam workflows for taking notes and writing articles article


We want to publish a subset of our notes. They’re not necessarily worth turning into proper articles, but some people might still stumble upon them and find them useful. Some of our notes are private and we don’t want to publish those. It’d be safest to tag all notes that are public, but since the majority of them are public, that has poor ergonomics. Tagging private notes takes much less work, but risks accidentally leaking a note.

Existing braindumps

We’re not the first to have this idea, of course. We’ve found the following braindumps that are based on org-roam:

Existing workflows

Luckily, they’ve all documented their workflows:

These reveal the following options for turning org-mode files into websites, some of them general, some of them specifically for wikis, knowledge bases and the like.

Our workflow

In the end, we decided to use ox-hugo. org-publish seems too low-level for our needs, and we are already using Hugo elsewhere, which is why we prefer it over one of the other, more special-purpose tools.

To get nice, hyperlinked citations and bibliographies we need to have citeproc installed, and add #+cite_export: csl <path to csl file> to the front matter. Each note also needs an explicit #+print_bibliography: to print the bibliography. All of this isn’t specific to ox-hugo but part of org-mode. We’ve settled for the IEEE style.

TODO backlinks TODO tags + tag pages TODO graph


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