Dominik Honnef

Who am I?

My name is Dominik Honnef. I'm a freelance software engineer and consultant living in Germany. I've been programming for over a decade and have primarily used PHP, Ruby and Go (each replacing the previous one as my primary language). Additionally, I've used various scripting languages and dabbled in other languages. For most of that time, I've also been involved in the open source community, publishing over a hundred of my own projects of various complexities, as well as having contributed to plenty of projects.

In January 2015 I've started my own business, providing my programming skills and expertise to others. I focus on libraries, APIs and backends, leaving the frontend world to others. At the moment I focus on work in Go.

Noteworthy projects

The following is a selection of my projects that I believe are the most noteworthy and representative of my work:

The most-widely used IRC bot framework in Ruby.
The Emacs major mode for writing code in Go.
Go tools
A variety of tools used by hundreds of people and companies to check their Go code for bugs and flaws.
A distributed tracing system modeled after Dapper.

Recent contributions

The following is a list of projects that I've recently contributed to:

I've made various contributions to the Go language, standard library and extended libraries.
Go tools
In addition to my own tools, I've also contributed to a number of tools written by other people.
I'm an active contributor to the OpenTracing project, in form of input as well as code.
Void Linux
I'm a package maintainer for the Void Linux distribution.