Dominik Honnef

Electronics: introducing myself to the world of electronics

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This is part one of a series of me describing my new experiences with electronics.


I’ve never really been interested in electronics (i.e. circuits, microcontrollers etc). Sure, I understand, on a basic level, how most of the gadgets and computers that I own work, but I wouldn’t be able to build anything myself or explain what e.g. a diode is used for.

The closest I ever got to working with electronics was owning a kit for children, consisting of a couple transistors, resistors, capacitors and LEDs. My interest didn’t last long though, especially because I cooked one of the transistors early on, rendering me unable to build most of the circuits from the manual.

Being a geek, however, I am always interested in acquiring new skills that somehow relate to computers and electronics are just a logical extension (or rather simplification) of computers. Furthermore I found the following reasons to learn more about electronics:

So what am I going to do now? I’ll look for an affordable microcontroller and components needed for basic circuits and go from there. More on that in my next articles.